January/February 2019 Issue

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    Top 10 Discoveries of 2018

    ARCHAEOLOGY’s editors reveal the year’s most compelling finds

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    A Dark Age Beacon

    Long shrouded in Arthurian lore, an island off the coast of Cornwall may have been the remote stronghold of early British kings

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    (Skyscan Photolibrary/Alamy Stock Photo)
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    What Sank San Diego?

    Was it a German torpedo, a mine, or saboteurs that sent this imposing World War I ship to the bottom of the Atlantic?

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    The Maya Animal Kingdom

    Captive big cats might be key to understanding ancient Mesoamerica’s complex network of culture and commerce

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    Cambodia's Cave of Bridges

    A vast mountainside cave in the midst of lush farmland conceals at least 70,000 years of Southeast Asian prehistory

Letter from Leiden

Letter from Leiden

Of Cesspits and Sewers

Exploring the unlikely history of sanitation management in medieval Holland

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(Photo by BAAC Archeologie en Bouwhistorie)



Neo-Hittite Ivory Plaque

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(Copyright MAIAO, Sapienza University of Rome/Photo by Roberto Ceccacci)

Digs & Discoveries

Off the Grid

Off the Grid January/February 2019

Ossabaw Island, Georgia

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(Photograph by William Harrell)

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Video: Inside Cambodia's Cave of Bridges

Photojournalist Jerry Redfern explores a remote cave in Cambodia's far western Battambang Province where archaeologists have discovered more than 70,000 years of history.