July/August 2019 Issue

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    Digging Deeper into Pompeii’s Past

    New research is uncovering the ancient city’s dynamic story from its origins to the eruption that buried it

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    (Pasquale Sorrentino)
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    Place of the Loyal Samurai

    On the beaches and in the caves of a small Micronesian island, archaeologists have identified evocative evidence of one of WWII’s most brutal battles

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    Magnetic Mesoamericans

    Did an ancient culture master a fundamental force of nature?

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    The Prayerstone Hypothesis

    Thousands of decorated stone artifacts in the American West may be the key to understanding a people’s contested history

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    Sacred Rites of an Early Andean Empire

    A trove of offerings discovered in Lake Titicaca shows how the Tiwanaku used religion to control their territory

Letter from England

Letter from England

Building a Road Through History

6,000 years of life on the Cambridgeshire landscape has been revealed by a massive infrastructure project

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(Highways England, courtesy of MOLA Headland Infrastructure)



Bronze Age Beads

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(Courtesy Carlos Odriozola)

Digs & Discoveries

Off the Grid

Off the Grid July/August 2019

Merv, Turkmenistan

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(Tim Whitby/Alamy Stock Photo)

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