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    From Head to Toe in the Ancient Maya World

    Clothing, jewelry, and body modification spoke volumes about people’s social status and the varied roles they played

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    (Photograph © 2020 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Cylinder vase. Maya, Late Classic Period, A.D. 600–800. Object Place: El Petén, Guatemala. Earthenware: orange, red, dark pink, brown, gray (originally green), and black on cream slip paint; traces of "Maya Blue" pigment. 17.2 x 11.8 cm (6 3/4 x 4 5/8 in.). MS1119; Kerr 764. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Gift of Landon T. Clay. 1988.1176.)
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    A Silk Road Renaissance

    Excavations in Tajikistan have unveiled a city of merchant princes that flourished from the fifth to the eighth century A.D.

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    (Prisma Archivo/Alamy Stock Photo)
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    Idol of the Painted Temple

    On Peru’s central coast, an ornately carved totem was venerated across centuries of upheaval and conquest

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    (© Peter Eeckhout)
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    Hagia Sophia's Hidden History

    Unprecedented fieldwork in Istanbul has revealed new evidence of the cathedral at the heart of the Byzantine Empire

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    The Power of Secret Societies

    Clandestine groups throughout history have used shadowy rituals to control the world around them

Letter from Normandy

Letter from Normandy

The Legacy of the Longest Day

More than 75 years after D-Day, the Allied invasion’s impact on the French landscape is still not fully understood

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(National Archives)



Roman Laguncula (Canteen)

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(Valois, INRAP)

Digs & Discoveries

Off the Grid

Off the Grid July/August 2020

Castlerigg Stone Circle, England, UK

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(travellinglight/Alamy Stock Photo)

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