July/August 2024 Issue

(Courtesy Lutfi Yondri)

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    Java's Megalithic Mountain

    Across the Indonesian archipelago, people raised immense stones to honor their ancestors

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    Indonesia Java Gunung Padang Megalithic Site
    (Courtesy Lutfi Yondri)
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    The Assyrian Renaissance

    Archaeologists return to Nineveh in northern Iraq, one of the ancient world’s grandest imperial capitals

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    (Land of Nineveh Archaeological Project)
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    A Dynasty Born in Fire

    How an upstart Maya king forged a new social order amid chaos

    Maya Guatemala Ucanal Excavation
    (Courtesy Proyecto Arqueológico Ucanal)
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    Making a Roman Emperor

    A newly discovered monumental arch in Serbia reveals a family’s rise to power in the late second century A.D.

    (Serbia’s Institute of Archaeology)
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    Rise and Fall of Tiwanaku

    New dating techniques are unraveling the mystery of a sacred Andean city

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Letter from Nigeria

Letter from Nigeria

A West African Kingdom's Roots

Excavations in Benin City reveal a renowned realm’s deep history

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(Mike Pitts)



Etruscan Oil Lamp

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Etruscan Hanging Oil Lamp
(Courtesy Museo dell’Accademia Etrusca e della Città di Cortona; © DeA Picture Library/Art Resource, NY)

Digs & Discoveries

Off the Grid

Off the Grid July/August 2024

Chumash Painted Cave State Historic Park, California

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Slideshow: Rise of a Maya Dynasty

During the Terminal Classic period (ca. A.D. 810–1000), at the site of Ucanal in Guatemala, a visionary leader named Papmalil ushered in a period of prosperity for the K’anwitznal Kingdom at a time when the great powers of the Maya world were collapsing. Papmalil launched his reign with a dramatic ceremony in the city’s public space in which he burned the skeletal remains and grave goods of previous rulers. During the subsequent decades, he transformed K’anwitznal from a small dynasty dependent on other, more powerful kingdoms in the Maya Lowlands into a power player in the region.