New Mosaics at Zeugma

Digs & Discoveries March/April 2015

(Courtesy Kutalmış Görkay)

Continuing excavations in the House of the Muses at Zeugma in southeastern Turkey have uncovered even more spectacular Roman mosaics, as well as more of the house’s well-preserved architecture. In one of the newly discovered rooms, archaeologists uncovered a mosaic pavement depicting four young women framed by elaborate patterns. Although not identified by any inscriptions, the women may represent heroines from Greek mythology.

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    (Courtesy Andy Chapman/MOLA Northampton)
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    (Courtesy Brick Township, New Jersey)
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    Seismic Shift

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    (Courtesy Sichuan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology)
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    Rome's Imperial Port

    The vast site of Portus holds the key to understanding how Rome evolved from a mighty city to an empire

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    (De Agostini Picture Library/Bridgeman Images)