March/April 2018 Issue

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    The Archaeology of Gardens

    ARCHAEOLOGY’s editors explore the many reasons people have tended the earth

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    (Leemage/Corbis via Getty Images)
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    The Viking Great Army

    A tale of conflict and adaptation played out in northern England

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    (Bymuseum, Oslo, Norway/Index/Bridgeman Images)
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    How to Survive Climate Change

    Peru’s Casma state endured unpredictable El Niños and centuries of drought

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    Imaging the Past

    What stone toolmaking and neuroscience can tell us about what it means to be human

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    Entombed in Asphalt

    A natural tar pit in Trinidad is a time capsule of some of the oldest wooden objects in the Caribbean

Letter From Hungary

Letter From Hungary

The Search for the Sultan’s Tomb

How archaeologists trying to locate the final resting place of Suleiman the Magnificent uncovered the remains of a crucial outpost of the Ottoman Empire

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(Courtesy András Szamosi)



Sgraffito Slip-Decorated Plate

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Digs & Discoveries

Off the Grid

Off the Grid March/April 2018

El Pilar, Belize

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(Courtesy Anabel Ford)

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