After the Rain

Digs & Discoveries March/April 2019

(Eitan Klein/Israel Antiquities Authority)

Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologists have investigated a site near the town of Beth Shean where a hiker spotted a rare limestone funerary bust dating to the third or fourth century A.D. poking out of the ground after a rainstorm. There, the archaeologists uncovered a second bust as well. Only a few dozen such busts are known. These are the first examples to have been found marking the graves for which they were sculpted.

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    Seal Stamp

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    (Rikke Caroline Olsen/The National Museum of Denmark)
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    (Courtesy Classy Yacht Charitable Trust)
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    Fairfield's Rebirth in 3-D

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    (Virginia Department of Historic Resources)
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    Egypt's Eternal City

    Once the most sacred site on the Nile, Heliopolis was all but forgotten until archaeologists returned to save it from disappearing forever

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    (Courtesy Dietrich Raue and Aiman Ashmawy/The Heliopolis Project)