May/June 2021 Issue

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    Ancient Tax Time

    How taxpayers funded the rise of empires

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    (© The Trustees of the British Museum/Art Resource, NY)
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    Last Stand of the Hunter-Gatherers?

    The 11,000-year-old stone circles of Göbekli Tepe in modern Turkey may have been monuments to a vanishing way of life

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    (Vincent J. Musi)
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    The Vikings Head West

    Discoveries on Iceland’s coast challenge the traditional time line of the island’s settlement

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    Exploring the Kingdom of Izapa

    An overlooked people living between the Olmec and Maya worlds were a cultural force far beyond their realm

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    Between Athens and Thebes

    Archaeologists investigate an imposing stronghold that overlooked the contested border dividing two rival city-states

Letter from Australia

Letter from Australia

Where the World Was Born

Newly discovered rock art panels depict how ancient Aboriginal ancestors envisioned climate change and creation

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(Courtesy Paul Tacon)



Magdalenian Wind Instrument

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(Courtesy Carole Fritz et al. 2021/CNRS – the French National Centre for Scientific Research)

Digs & Discoveries

Off the Grid

Off the Grid May/June 2021

Saint Helena

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(Zoonar GmbH/Alamy Stock Photo)

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