Livestock for the Afterlife

Digs & Discoveries November/December 2012


In Oakington, England, a team of archaeologists led by Duncan Sayer of the University of Central Lancashire has excavated a late-fifth-century A.D. Anglo-Saxon grave containing the remains of a wealthy woman and a cow. The grave is the first of its kind in Europe. “It matches the female role in Anglo-Saxon society,” says Sayer. “The cow was much more a symbol of economic and domestic power.” 

  • Artifacts November/December 2012

    Beaker Vessels

    Ceramic beakers were the vessels of choice for the so-called “Black Drink” used at Cahokia by Native Americans in their purification rituals

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  • Around the World November/December 2012


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  • Digs & Discoveries November/December 2012

    The Desert and the Dead

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    (Courtesy Bernardo Arriaza)
  • Features November/December 2012

    Zeugma After the Flood

    New excavations continue to tell the story of an ancient city at the crossroads between east and west

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    Photo of Belkıs/Zeugma
    (Hasan Yelken/Images & Stories)