November/December 2015 Issue

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    The Acropolis of Athens

    The decades-long project to restore the site to its iconic past

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    (Seiji Shimzu/Corbis)
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    Where There's Smoke...

    Learning to see the archaeology under our feet

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    (Vincent Scarano on behalf of Connecticut College)
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    Eternal Banquets of the Early Celts

    An extraordinary 2,500-year-old tomb offers vital evidence of trade, ritual, and power in fifth-century B.C. France

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    Where the Wells Never Go Dry

    In a remote corner of Saudi Arabia, a team has been excavating the remains of the ancient oasis of Tayma

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    North of Paris

    Remains of a medieval castle and manor house help tell the story of a powerful French family

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    The Power of Images

    A view of ancient Mesoamerican life through artists' eyes

Letter From Wales

Letter From Wales

Hillforts of the Iron Age

Searching for evidence of cultural changes that swept the prehistoric British Isles

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(Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales)



Viking Sword

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(Ellen C. Holthe, Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo)

Digs & Discoveries

Off the Grid

Off the Grid November/December 2015

Fan Bay Deep Shelter, Dover, England

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(Courtesy National Trust)

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