November/December 2017 Issue

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    In the Time of the Rosetta Stone

    Turbulent events surrounding the Rosetta Stone are being revealed by new excavations in the ancient Egyptian city of Thmuis

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    (Copyright the Trustees of the British Museum)
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    Reading the White Shaman Mural

    Paintings in a Texas canyon may depict mythic narratives that have endured for millennia

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    (Chester Leeds, Courtesy Shumla)
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    Evolution of a Town

    The beginnings of a Roman settlement in southern Gaul

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    Marooned in Russian America

    Two centuries after a ship sank off an Alaskan island, the fate of those who survived has now been uncovered

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    Fortress Above the City

    Surprising evidence of a powerful kingdom in the center of Seoul

Letter From Singapore

Letter From Singapore

The Lion City's Glorious Past

The founding mythology of this city-state was once thought to be pure fiction—archaeology says otherwise

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(Photo by Ung Ruey Loon)



Phoenician Mask Mold

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(Courtesy Michael Jasmin)

Digs & Discoveries

Off the Grid

Off the Grid November/December 2017

Tuzigoot National Monument, Tuzigoot, Arizona

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(George H.H. Huey / Alamy Stock Photo)

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