November/December 2022 Issue

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    Priestess, Poet, Politician

    4,000 years ago, the world’s first author composed verses that helped forge the Akkadian Empire

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    (Courtesy the Penn Museum, Object No. B16665)
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    Mexico's Butterfly Warriors

    The annual monarch migration may have been a sacred event for the people of Mesoamerica

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    Magical Mystery Door

    An investigation of an Egyptian sacred portal reveals a history of renovation and deception

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    (© The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge)
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    A Tale of Two Abbeys

    How entrepreneurial monks shaped the landscape of medieval England

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    Bronze Age Urban Experiment

    Archaeologists debate who ruled the cities of the ancient Indus Valley

Letter from Australia

Letter from Australia

Murder Islands

The doomed voyage of a seventeenth-century merchant ship ended in mutiny and mayhem

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(Roger Atwood)



Hellenistic Inscribed Bones

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(Courtesy Israel Antiquities Authority)

Digs & Discoveries

Off the Grid

Off the Grid November/December 2022

Lembah Bujang, Malaysia

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Video: 3-D Flyby of Fountains Abbey

This 3-D visualization shows the standing remains of Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire, England, whose monks joined the Cistercian order in 1135. Fountains was eventually home to more than 600 men, making it one of the largest abbeys in England.