Around the World November 1, 2011


GEORGIA: For six weeks in 1864, 10,000 Union prisoners of war called Camp Lawton home. Hastily abandoned as Sherman's army approached, the camp was lost to history until archaeologists rediscovered the site last year. Now they have unearthed some personal artifacts that are helping reconstruct life in the camp, including a ring with the insignia of the Union Army's 3rd Corps, a grocery token from a store in Michigan, and a suspender buckle from Massachusetts.

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    Etruscan Oil Lamp

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    Etruscan Hanging Oil Lamp
    (Courtesy Museo dell’Accademia Etrusca e della Città di Cortona; © DeA Picture Library/Art Resource, NY)
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    (Phillip Parton/ANU)
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    Bronze Age Beads Go Abroad

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    Java's Megalithic Mountain

    Across the Indonesian archipelago, people raised immense stones to honor their ancestors

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    Indonesia Java Gunung Padang Megalithic Site
    (Courtesy Lutfi Yondri)