September/October 2013 Issue

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    Wolf Rites of Winter

    Archaeologists digging a Bronze Age site on the Russian steppes are using evidence from language and mythology to understand a remarkable discovery

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    (Courtesy David Anthony)
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    Tomb of the Vulture Lord

    A king’s burial reveals a pivotal moment in Maya history

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    (© Kenneth Garrett)
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    The Everlasting City

    A new picture emerges of how a settlement of a few reed huts evolved into the powerful city-state that helped set in motion the urban revolution

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    An Extreme Life

    The Kuril Islands, a remote and inhospitable archipelago stretching between Japan and Russia, are providing researchers with insights into the nature of what humans can endure—and what they cannot

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    Battlefield: 1814

    In farmland on Maryland's Eastern Shore, archaeologists have tracked troop movements of an American victory over the British

Letter from Norway

Letter from Norway

The Big Melt

The race to find, and save, ancient artifacts emerging from glaciers and ice patches in a warming world

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(Courtesy Oppland County Council, Photo: Johan Wildhagen/Palookaville)



Writing Tablet

A tablet bearing a birthday party invite includes the earliest Latin script penned by a woman

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(© The Trustees of the British Museum/Art Resource, NY)

Digs & Discoveries

Off the Grid

Off the Grid September/October 2013

Mount Independence, Vermont

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(Courtesy Elsa Gilbertson, Vermont Division for Historic Preservation)

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