September/October 2019 Issue

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    World of the Griffin Warrior

    A single grave and its extraordinary contents are changing the way archaeologists view two great ancient Greek cultures

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    (, Jeff Vanderpool/Courtesy of the Department of Classics, University of Cincinnati)
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    Minaret in the Mountains

    Excavations near a 12th-century tower reveal the summer capital of a forgotten Islamic empire

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    (Jane Sweeney/Alamy Stock Photo)
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    A River Runs Through It

    The twists and turns of a medieval English city’s history emerge from an artifact-rich riverbed

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    Piecing Together a God's Journey

    By tracking a Mesoamerican sculpture’s lengthy voyage from Mexico to Denmark, researchers discover its true identity

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    The Antarctic Hunt

    How late 18th- and 19th-century seal hunters survived on the harsh island landscape of South Georgia

Letter from Lake George

Letter from Lake George

Exploring the Great Warpath

Evidence from forts, hospitals, and taverns in upstate New York is illuminating the lives of thousands of British soldiers during the French and Indian War

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(Jerry Trudell the Skys the Limit/Getty Images)



Roman Coin

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(Courtesy MOLA Headland)

Digs & Discoveries

Off the Grid

Off the Grid September/October 2019

Hopedale, Canada

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(Design Pics Inc/Alamy Stock Photo)

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