September/October 2022 Issue

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    Rediscovering Egypt's Golden Dynasty

    How King Tutankhamun’s family forever changed the land of the Nile

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    1,000 Fathoms Down

    In the Gulf of Mexico, archaeologists believe they have identified a nineteenth-century whaling ship crewed by a diverse group of New Englanders

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    (Courtesy the New Bedford Whaling Museum)
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    Caribbean Connections

    Using pottery to trace the sea routes of early island settlers

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    Sicily's Sacred Waters

    A Phoenician ritual pool on a small island may have been the center of an ancient astronomical observatory

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    Arabian Avenues of the Dead

    Mysterious stone tombs mark a previously unknown network of pathways across a vast desert landscape

Letter from Germany

Letter from Germany

Berlin's Medieval Origins

In the midst of modern construction, archaeologists search for evidence of the city’s earliest days

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(Courtesy Landesdenkmalamt Berlin/Michael Malliaris)



Nordic Bronze Age Figurine

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(Courtesy Thomas Terberger)

Digs & Discoveries

Off the Grid

Off the Grid September/October 2022

Ozette, Washington

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(Witold Skrypczak/Alamy Stock Photo)

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