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  • Digs & Discoveries July/August 2021

    The Copper Standard

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    (William Reardon and Robin Mueller)
  • Off the Grid January/February 2019

    Ossabaw Island, Georgia

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    (Photograph by William Harrell)
  • Features January/February 2018

    Where the Ice Age Caribou Ranged

    Searching for prehistoric hunting grounds in an unlikely place

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    (Paul Nicklen/National Geographic Creative)
  • Features November/December 2017

    Reading the White Shaman Mural

    Paintings in a Texas canyon may depict mythic narratives that have endured for millennia

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    (Chester Leeds, Courtesy Shumla)
  • Features July/August 2017

    Set in Stone

    Why did prehistoric Native Americans fashion the enigmatic objects known as bannerstones?

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    (John Bigelow Taylor)
  • Features May/June 2014

    Searching for the Comanche Empire

    In a deep gorge in New Mexico, archaeologists have discovered a unique site that tells the story of a nomadic confederacy's rise to power in the heart of North America

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    (Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, DC/Art Resource, NY)