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TAG: Climate Change

  • Letter from Patagonia July/August 2023

    Surviving a Windswept Land

    For 13,000 years, hunter-gatherers thrived in some of the world’s harshest environments

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    (Courtesy Raven Garvey)
  • Letter from Australia May/June 2021

    Where the World Was Born

    Newly discovered rock art panels depict how ancient Aboriginal ancestors envisioned climate change and creation

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    (Courtesy Paul Tacon)
  • Digs & Discoveries May/June 2019

    Colonial Cooling

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    (Albert Knapp/Alamy Stock Photo)
  • Letter from Greenland May/June 2017

    The Ghosts of Kangeq

    The race to save Greenland’s Arctic coastal heritage from a shifting climate

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    (Photo: R. Fortuna, National Museum of Denmark 2016)
  • Around the World July/August 2014


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    (Courtesy Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory)