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  • Letter from El Salvador November/December 2023

    Uneasy Allies

    Archaeologists discover a long-forgotten capital where Indigenous peoples and Spanish colonists arrived at a fraught coexistence

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  • The Pursuit of Wellness September/October 2021


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    (Courtesy Payson Sheets)
  • Off the Grid March/April 2012

    Joya de Cerén, El Salvador

    Around A.D. 630, in western El Salvador, the volcano Loma Caldera erupted, burying the buildings, roads, and fields of a Maya farming community in up to 20 feet of ash. As with other cities and villages that have suffered this fate, this town, today affectionately known as Joya de Cerén ("the jewel of Cerén") is incredibly well preserved.

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  • Around the World January/February 2012


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