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TAG: Genetics

  • Digs & Discoveries November/December 2022

    Colonial Connection

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    (Stephen Bonk/Alamy Stock Photo)
  • Digs & Discoveries September/October 2022

    Linking the Lineages

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    (Courtesy of Brian Byrd/ Far Western Anthropological Research Group)
  • Digs & Discoveries March/April 2022

    Tudor Travelers

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  • Digs & Discoveries January/February 2022

    Japan's Genetic History

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    (Shigeki Nakagome, Assistant Professor in Psychiatry, School of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin)
  • Digs & Discoveries September/October 2021

    Kiwi Colonists

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    (Courtesy Rebecca Kinaston)
  • Top 10 Discoveries of 2020 January/February 2021

    Largest Viking DNA Study

    Northern Europe and Greenland

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    (Dorset County Council/Oxford Archaeology)
  • Around the World July/August 2019


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  • Digs & Discoveries January/February 2019

    Land of the Ice and Snow

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    (Sigtuna Museum)
  • Digs & Discoveries November/December 2018

    The American Canine Family Tree

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    (Photo by Del Baston/Courtesy of the Center for American Archeology)