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  • Letter From Texas March/April 2019

    On the Range

    Excavations at a ranch in the southern High Plains show how generations of people adapted to an iconic Western landscape

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    (Eric A. Powell)
  • Letter from California November/December 2018

    Inside a Native Stronghold

    A rugged volcanic landscape was once the site of a dramatic standoff between the Modoc tribe and the U.S. Army

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    (Julian Smith)
  • Letter from Brooklyn September/October 2018

    New York City's Dirtiest Beach

    Long-lost clues to the lives of forgotten New Yorkers are emerging from the sands at Dead Horse Bay

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    (Courtesy Jason Urbanus)
  • Letter from England July/August 2018

    Inside the Anarchy

    Archaeologists explore the landscape of England’s first civil war

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    (Kate Ravilious)
  • Artifacts March/April 2018

    Sgraffito Slip-Decorated Plate

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  • Artifacts July/August 2016

    Spanish Horseshoe

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    (Courtesy Peter Eeckhout)
  • Letter from Hawaii January/February 2016

    Ballad of the Paniolo

    On the slopes of Mauna Kea, Hawaii’s cowboys developed a culture all their own

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    (Samir S. Patel)
  • Letter from Virginia July/August 2015

    Free Before Emancipation

    Excavations are providing a new look at some of the Civil War’s earliest fugitive slaves—considered war goods or contraband—and their first taste of liberty

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    (Library of Congress)
  • Around the World May/June 2015


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    (Courtesy SWNS)