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  • Digs & Discoveries November/December 2022

    Reduce, Reuse, Recyle

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  • Digs & Discoveries May/June 2021

    After the Fall

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    (National Trust Images/Stephen Haywood)
  • Digs & Discoveries May/June 2020

    Polychrome Patchwork

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    (Uşaklı Höyük Archaeological Project,
  • Digs & Discoveries January/February 2019

    Funny Business

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    (Courtesy Michael Hoff/Antiochia ad Cragum Excavations)
  • Digs & Discoveries March/April 2018

    Gods of the Galilee

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    (Mordechai Aviam/Kinneret College on the Sea Galilee/Israel Science Foundation)
  • Digs & Discoveries November/December 2016

    And They’re Off!

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    (Courtesy Department of Antiquities, Cyprus)
  • Digs & Discoveries March/April 2012

    Roman Bath Tiles

    Like most Roman cities of its day, Plotinopolis had a public bath structure. Digging where he believes the baths were located, archaeologist Matthew Koutsoumanis has recently unearthed the large and well-preserved mosaic that once covered the bath building's floors.

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