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  • Digs & Discoveries January/February 2022

    Viking Roles

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    (© P. Deckers, S. Croix, and S. M. Sindbæk)
  • Digs & Discoveries January/February 2022

    A Ride Through the Countryside

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    (Courtesy Parco Archeologico di Pompei)
  • Features November/December 2021

    Italian Master Builders

    A 3,500-year-old ritual pool reflects a little-known culture’s agrarian prowess

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    (Ministero della Cultura)
  • Digs & Discoveries May/June 2020

    Z Marks the Spot

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    (Graeme Barker)
  • Top 10 Discoveries of 2019 January/February 2020

    Maya Subterranean World

    Chichen Itza, Mexico

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    (Karla Ortega/Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology)
  • Digs & Discoveries November/December 2019

    Worlds Apart

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    (Courtesy Fraser Sturt)
  • Digging Deeper into Pompeii’s Past July/August 2019


    The Casa della Regina Carolina

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    (Pasquale Sorrentino)
  • Around the World September/October 2018


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    (Photograph by Christina T. Halperin)
  • Top 10 Discoveries of 2017 January/February 2018

    Skull Cult at Göbekli Tepe

    Sanliurfa, Turkey

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    (National Geographic Magazines/GettyImages)