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  • Artifacts November/December 2023

    Sculpture of a Fist

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    (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston/Bridgeman Art Library)
  • Features July/August 2023

    An Elegant Enigma

    The luxurious possessions of a seventeenth-century woman continue to intrigue researchers a decade after they were retrieved from a shipwreck

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    (Courtesy Museum Kaapskil; Courtesy Museum Kaapskil/© National Portrait Gallery, London)
  • January/February 2023

    Tomb of the Craftworkers

    Huarmey, Peru

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    (Photo by Miłosz Giersz)
  • January/February 2023

    World's Oldest Straws

    Maikop, Russia

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    (Photo by V. Trifonov)
  • Digs & Discoveries July/August 2022

    Suspicious Silver

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    (ERC RACOM Project)
  • Features May/June 2022

    Secrets of Scotland's Viking Age Hoard

    A massive cache of Viking silver and Anglo-Saxon heirlooms reveals the complex political landscape of ninth-century Britain

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  • Digs & Discoveries January/February 2022

    Russian River Silver

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    (Maxim Pankin, Institute of Archaeology, RAS)
  • Off the Grid November/December 2021

    Bodie, California

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    (Durk Talsma/Alamy Stock Photo)
  • Top 10 Discoveries of 2019 January/February 2020

    Tomb of the Silver Dragons

    Arkhangai, Mongolia

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    (Ren Xiao)