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  • Searching for Lost Cities May/June 2024

    London on the Black Sea

    Crimea, Ukraine

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    Sixteenth-century nautical map of the Black Sea
    (Heritage Image Partnership Ltd/Alamy)
  • Features September/October 2023

    Ukraine's Lost Capital

    In 1708, Peter the Great destroyed Baturyn, a bastion of Cossack independence and culture

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  • Top 10 Discoveries of 2020 January/February 2021

    Largest Viking DNA Study

    Northern Europe and Greenland

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    (Dorset County Council/Oxford Archaeology)
  • The Story of the Horse July/August 2015

    Taming the Horse

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    (Courtesy Jean Clottes)
  • Around the World May/June 2015


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    (John Chapman, Durham University)
  • Ancient Tattoos November/December 2013

    Ceramic Female Figurine

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    (Courtesy Marius Amarie)